Sound Signatures Recording Studio

We combine expertise in Media, Marketing and Sound Production so you can create a lasting impression on the people you want to buy your products or services. We use high quality, state of the art technology and very talented people from all over the country.

Our Approach

Our approach to production is quite unique. Before we begin composition or production planning we build a foundation for the project by gaining an understanding of your brand, your customer base and how the sound signature we develop for you will fit in that orientation.

Our Work

Offering examples of our work for you to listen to would serve to show that we operate with high quality, state of the art equipment and very talented musicians. It would not give you the reason the melody, tempo, instruments, and performance involved were chosen for that project. We would be pleased to let you hear some of our work and explain some of the background aspects that will help to explain our approach. More importantly, we would like to meet you and begin the process of discovery that will lead us to your own Signature Sound!

Your own Signature Sound.

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Dan MacFadgen, Producer

Dan has 25 years of marketing and advertising experience and has pioneered the use of location-based intelligence as a driver for consumer behavior. The team at Signature Sounds formulate an approach using demographic, psychographic and geo-demographic information, looking for characteristics in your prospects that will be influenced positively by that approach.